Friday, 21 September 2007

free online streaming websites

Top 10 Free online streaming websites.
(2012 UPDATE)The top ten for watching online (2012 UPDATE) Animes, movies, cartoons, series
  1. FnuZ Searches through a huge amount of sites that streams :movies, animes, cartoons, series. All you have to do is enter a search query browse through the results and you will nearly all the time find the video you are searching for.
  2. OVGuide Is a directory of websites streaming: movies, animes, cartoons, series but also other streaming videos areas such as recepies, fitness, travel.. OVGuide also has a search engine but is a bit less efficient than FnuZ
  3. moviesfoundonline The movies and documentaries listed on this page have been verified to be in public domain or otherwise free for you to watch and download. (The site also has some links to streaming: movies, animes, cartoons, series)
  4. Joox Is specialised in streaming Divx videos. That means that most of the time the videos are of good quality. Joox has now 5 streaming channels: Movies, tv-shows, cartoons, sports and news.
  5. Alluc Has a great amount of streaming videos list. has regular updates in streaming :Cartoons, Shows, Anime, Movies, Music, Sport, Documentaries. Alluc is available in English, German, and Spanish.
  6. movieforumz A great forum updating links in a regular way. This site is updating new movies streaming links very quickly.
  7. Has a lot of streaming links to show, cartoons, series, documentaries, animes, movies, music videos. however a lot of links are dead and take some time to be available again
  8. openflv Is a great websites , has a lot of updates made by the users. you should give it a try...Only on bad point is that it is quite hard to find your way on the site if you are not used to it.
  9. ssupload is a good site. streaming movies links are updated regularly. The website is easy to use, no problems to watch a movie
  10. onlinecinema is a nice site specialised in streaming movies links. categories are as follow Action Movies, Children Movies, Comedy Movies ,Documentary Movies ,Drama Movies ,Fantasy Movies ,Horror Movies ,Romance Movies ,Thriller Movies
That's it. the list has been made only by my point of view... Enjoy

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Free online streaming websites submitted by readers:
if you would like to add other resources please post a comment and i will add the links here

(2012 UPDATE)The top ten for watching online (2012 UPDATE)

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